Signature Skinny B-trim max
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It’s amazing how a simple fruit like a lemon can be so effective in helping the body regulate its metabolism and sugar absorption, in a manner that helps you lose extra weight. The secret lies in the “acidity” content in a lemon. Lemons are rich in citric acid, so when you take a glass of lemon juice in plain warm water first thing in the morning, you introduce healthy natural digestive aid into your stomach. The citric acid, from lemons, end up interacting with the other acids and enzymes in your digestive tract which results in a healthy and problem free digestion. BTRIM Max uses the power of lemon to add some zest to this bee pollen formula capsule. No more sour lemon drinks, no more starving on “The Master Cleanse Diet” we now have this all-in-ONE powerful capsule and it is called: BTRIM MAX! BTRIM Max is full of natural antioxidants that cleanse and rid the body of toxins. The components in BTRIM Max regulate the acidic levels so the body will burn fat for energy instead of lean muscle mass; many clients reach a plateau due to not eating enough to sustain their bodies. This all in one capsule fights back and helps kick your body out of starvation mode. BTRIM Max contains natural herbs that complement each other; this unique mixture intensifies its potency to aid in weight loss. Benefits: Increased metabolism Suppressed appetite Prevents fat accumulation Will aid in lowering cholesterol Helps to support immune system May also alleviate allergy symptoms Ingredients: Bee Pollen, Senna, Cassia, Chinese yam, Aloe, Green tea, Lemon, Seville orange flower, Honeysuckle, Safflower. Directions for use: Take two (2) capsules daily prior to your first meal of day. Suitable for Men and Women Not suitable for: individuals with serious illness, if you are pregnant or breast feeding or less than 18 years of age. Dosage: 250 mg
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Signature Skinny B-trim max

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